Scholarship Application

This is the 2017 Scholarship application form.  Please fill this out as best to your ability and as truthfully as possible.  We are trying to balance a budget to pay coaches fairly and provide an incredible value to all players at all age levels by running a very tight budget that is dependent upon everyone paying in full.

We do know that financial hardships happen and have provided the ability for scholarship applications. Based on demand and budget, should any access funds be available, they will be distributed out to all families on scholarship, but is not a guarantee.

A player deposit of $500 is due as close to signing this form as possible or no later than October 31, 2015.

Fees and remaining balances can be deducted through team sponsored individual fundraising and volunteering to help with organizational activities.

We hope families will not take advantage of our scholarship program and provide truthful information.

If you do not pay any fees or fail to complete an application, players will not be eligible to participate in any team sponsored activities.

Payment plans can also be setup once approved for a scholarship.