Thank you for your interest in our organization! The Washington Athletics are a premier Puget Sound area select baseball organization. The A's were elite_league_11born in the fall of 2011 by Kyle Larsen and Keaton Everitt. They were both former teammates at the University of Washington and in the New York Yankees minor league system for the better part of 7 years. Once their careers were ended, Kyle and Keaton wanted to continue their baseball careers the only way possible, through coaching.

After a couple of seasons with other clubs, the 2 began to see many problems and the overall lack of knowledge being taught to youth players today.
In 2011, they decided to combine their extensive experience and knowledge from collegiate and professional baseball, and create an organization with the sole purpose to deliver players the most in-depth knowledge, skills, drills, and playing environments where the players will be free to grow as individuals and baseball players and provide the opportunity to play at the next level. The organization started with just 1 18u team and has since grown to 8 teams, spanning the ages of 19 to 9 years old in 2017. The majority of the coaching staff all has experience playing baseball past high school, with many at the D-1 and professional level. We have a dedicated training facility in downtown Redmond for all off-season training and workouts. The Washington A's 18u Elite play in the Seattle Elite League and home fields are around the Eastside: Bellevue HS, Eastlake HS, Bannerwood Park, Newport HS, among others near by.

Our Mission

The program prides its self on offering talented athletes the tools they will need to take their game to the next level. We strive to give young players all the possible instruction and exposure that a summer program can give. Nothing should throw up a red flag more than a coach or program that says they “WILL” get you to the next level. We at the Washington A’s don’t give parents and players that sales pitch like most programs. Instead, the Washington Athletics will give players a chance to learn from Coaches that have played at that next level, and know the skills it takes to get you there. We are not going to sell you on the fact that we “WILL” get you to the next level, but instead look to develop athletes and give them the instruction, exposure, and tools that will allow their talents to be seen by College coaches and Scouts alike. We have coaches in our program that have been top recruited high school players and draft picks, and have played at the Division 1 and professional level. They know the hard work and dedication it takes to be successful in the sport and are looking to pass that on to young players!

In our short history we have had numerous players get the chance to continue to play passed high school, and we strive to make sure that young players will learn what it takes to compete at the highest level, and let their talents take them as far as they possibly can in this great game!

The A's Philosophy

Our philosophy is teach players HOW to play the game and won't over-instruct or over-coach at the upper levels. We hope that our development programs at our younger ages will teach our players the proper way to play the game both mentally and physically. An example being, we teach our pitchers and catchers HOW to call games, so when they get to the 18u level they have the knowledge to do it themselves.

The A's Promise

We promise to encourage and provide the most positive environment to each player while providing equal opportunities, advanced drills taught at the professional level, and the abilities and knowledge to play at a competitive level.