Order Fan and Player Gear!

The spirit pack site for the A’s is up and running!
Go to kimmel.itemorder.com  and type in the sales code PUJ2J.
You have until Sunday Nov. 16th at midnight to place your orders.
ALL the items that are available on this spirit pack are NOT items that are included in any of the player gear that they get as a part of the player fee except for the team hats. The rest is extra that you can purchase for your player or for family and friends and is totally voluntary, with nothing required to be purchased.
Couple of notes on the apparel-
Most of the apparel is offered in different colors. You just have to click on the item to see the different colors it is available in.
The Majestic hoody with the 1/4 zip is the same hoody you saw in the MLB playoffs that the big leaguers were wearing.
The majestic convertible jacket has a zipper on the sleeves so this can go from a long sleeve jacket to a short sleeve hitting top as well.
There is also gear on the site for the moms, girlfriends, and wives!
Please pass this on to any family or friends that want gear to root on the A’s this upcoming summer!
The A’s officially kick off the 2015 baseball season tomorrow with the start of Winter Workouts.
Go A’s!