15u Roster Released

The Washington A’s Director, Kyle Larsen, announced the 15u Roster today.

15u Manager Gerome Adams had this to say about his team –

“As the 2013 off season approaches I believe the inaugural Washington A’s 15u team will be determined to put themselves on the map. We have a solid bunch of kids that I believe will compete with any team around.

First and foremost you can’t win ball games without solid pitching. I think we’ll be in every game this year with a deep group of solid arms like of Zakk Weber, Alex Gagliardo, Nick Rudholm, Cameron Hill, Matt Lairs, Alec McKeefry, Connor Gillespie, Collin Anderson,

Washington A’s 2011 Can-Am Champions

Kyle Stafford and Connor Knutson shutting down opponents. Their battery mates who will be protecting our plate will be Tyler Haselman and Chris Mogg.

But they always say defense wins championships, so to back up our pitchers we have Jackson Brodman, Kyle Stafford, Connor Knutson and Nick Rudholm up the middle. Our corner infielders are Alec McKeefry, Zakk Weber, Carson Gillespie, Cameron Hill and Collin Anderson will be knocking everything down along the lines. Protecting the confines of the numerous outfields we’ll play will be Thomas Day, Matt Laris, and John Ostrander.

These great bunch of kids are ready to start the 2013 season off right and to show the rest of the Seattle area what Washington A’s baseball is all about.”

The roster will be updated soon with player photos and bios once the information comes in. Stay updated and bookmark the 15u Roster.